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Ensuring your investments remain profitable, managing your assets, planning your financial future, and helping you understand the markets.

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With decades of combined experience, our professionals can advise on all aspects of your finances.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

At Toronto Daegu Assets, our experienced financial planners are available to talk with you about any concerns or questions regarding your investments.

We will look at your current financial position and provide tailored advice on how best to plan for the future - whether retirement, saving for a new home, or safeguarding your assets.

We also offer financial management services, with a wide range of investment options for you to choose from, including equities, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives and a range of other instruments and markets.

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About Toronto Daegu Assets

A Team Of
Dedicated Professionals

Our performance management process ensures our employees are always striving for excellence through continuous feedback from managers and peers alike.

We are unparalleled in financial management, research, and trading, with over 180 employees and $31.12 billion U.S. Dollars in assets under management.

At Toronto Daegu Assets, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and we are committed to giving them the very best service possible.

We are always looking for opportunities to excel at everything we do, and having a passionate team enables us to develop and grow in ways that would not be possible without the diligent effort of a large number of people who are dedicated to the same goals.

Our first aim is to deliver an exceptional level of service to each one of our clients, and we take this responsibility extremely seriously. Every day, thanks to your achievements, we are propelled forward, and they give us the impetus to work together toward the accomplishment of ambitious objectives.

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Regardless of your current investment knowledge, our team is here to assist you each step of the way.

Here at Toronto Daegu Assets, our experienced team of traders can assist you with your execution needs with competitive commissions and low spreads.

Depending on your personal preference, our team can work around your needs and set up a tailored service that may include financial advice, execution-only basis trading only, or a combination of both.

With our in-house research department, we are confident in each executed trade. Get in touch today with us today to guide you through our tailored services and solutions.

Bespoke investment strategies aligned with your objectives.


Financial management is the process of planning asset allocation, investment selection, and security positioning to meet your financial objectives.

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Your portfolio will be made from a collection of assets with varying levels of risk, all of which are used to meet the specific overall goals you have set.

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Our trading advice is proactive and dynamic. We are committed to delivering exceptional levels of service with integrity.

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Learn how we can bring excellence to your financial future.

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About Toronto Daegu Assets