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About Us

Our company philosophy is founded on providing our clients the best possible service.

Formulated in 2015, our company is a leading financial services provider in North America and the Asian-Pacific region.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

Maximum Returns

We are unparalleled in financial management, research, and trading, with over 180 employees and $31.12 billion U.S. Dollars in assets under management.

At Toronto Daegu Assets, our asset management division comprises highly skilled managers who invest following the principles that have made our company successful thus far.

Throughout market fluctuations, these professionals manage client portfolios to ensure maximum returns at all times.

Since the Toronto Daegu Assets was incorporated, the experience we have gained has provided us with a unique and valuable perspective on financial management, trading, and client management.

These skills have been developed and grown throughout our existence.

Our financial planning services are designed to provide clients with prudent strategies for growing and preserving their wealth. At the same time, our trading experts take advantage of crucial economic market data to provide clients with dynamic investment strategies.


At Toronto Daegu Assets, we understand that market conditions can change and lead to unpredictable market volatility.

Our talented professionals can adapt to such market conditions and offer clients financial positions to hedge against potential market downturns.

We believe we have the best and brightest team of individuals in the industry. Their combined years of experience and knowledge provide the levels of satisfaction that our clients demand.

Our financial management division can invest across different asset classes with varying investment styles, allowing us to offer a dynamic and flexible strategy for growing and protecting your finances.

You First

We place our client's interests at the heart of each decision we make, and every portfolio is tailored to the specifications based on their goals and aspirations in life.

We ensure that each financial product is suitable for our clients and measure this through our initial consultation to see what levels of risk are in line with their financial circumstances.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

Through the years, we have understood that achieving results for our clients is only possible through the commitment and dedication that our staff members provide.

About Toronto Daegu Assets


We remain committed to providing an unparalleled level of service to ensure our client satisfaction.

Our unique understanding of our clients sets us apart from other financial services providers.

Our philosophy is rooted in financial innovation and client service, and these principles continue to drive our company today.

When you need solutions that reach the goals you have in your life, we are here to assist you.

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