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Market Intelligence

We use a range of different sources to collect data and information.

At Toronto Daegu Assets, we do not simply pick investments to try to generate a profit - every move we make is backed by thorough research and deep insights into the markets.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

What is
Market Intelligence?

It is what helps you gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market by knowing what is going on beyond the immediate competitors.

The big data revolution means that there are more sources of market intelligence than ever before. Whether it is internal company data or external information from online publications, the sheer volume of available information can be overwhelming.

Market intelligence is all about understanding the industry or sector a business operates in.

It is about asking the right questions so you can spot new opportunities or threats in the market. A truly successful portfolio can be built by taking action based on these insights.

About Toronto Daegu Assets
About Toronto Daegu Assets

How We Gain
Market Intelligence

We understand global markets and their potential impact on our business.

We use a range of different sources to collect data and information. From national newspapers and academic publications to local industry blogs and social media conversations, the most effective market intelligence is found within multiple sources, not just the traditional locations where you might expect such information.

Being born and raised in different countries gives a different perspective on life and investments.

Our team is built of individuals with diverse backgrounds.

When this experience is combined with the market intelligence we gain from our research, we begin to build a comprehensive picture of every market.

More Than
Just Facts

We analyze the data, and after months of research and discoveries of new knowledge, we compile the findings to provide a clear picture of the market.

We spot risks, opportunities and challenges ahead, understand their impact on our business and customer behavior; and use this information to establish how we should best position ourselves for years to come.

Market Intelligence is about more than just facts; it is being able to interpret the data and use it to our advantage. With computer models, team members with local (international) insights, and thousands of data points, we can confidently invest in the markets, assets, and businesses we know will give us the best returns.

Our market intelligence helps us understand markets and take advantage of new opportunities. The global economy impacts our investment decisions, and we are always on top of the latest changes that can affect performance.

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