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Financial Management

Independent financial management advice that caters to your current financial needs.

Financial management is the process of planning asset allocation, investment selection, and security positioning to meet your financial objectives.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

What Are The Benefits
Of Choosing Our Financial
Management Service?

Independent financial management advice caters to your current needs. You are provided with asset class recommendations in accordance with the asset allocation strategy designed specifically for you.

At Toronto Daegu Assets, we employ a strict compliance process that is put into place to ensure that financial managers' decisions are aligned with their client's portfolios, including any mandates or restrictions on asset classes the portfolio should include.

Without our financial management service, you may find yourself working with investment managers responsible for portfolios with asset classes that may not match your needs. This could lead to significant underperformance in meeting firm benchmarks or asset class mandates.

Our financial management service is suitable for any investor who wants to take control of their investment strategy and desires professional recommendations that align with their financial needs.

It does not matter if you are starting, already an experienced investor, or a financial advisor yourself; financial management can help you take your investment strategy to the next level.

Companies prefer our financial management service because it helps them manage portfolios subject to asset allocation policies specifically designed for their needs – not those of the asset manager.

Take your investment strategy to the next level.

We believe that one of the most significant benefits you will experience when working with us is knowing your investment strategy has been thoroughly researched and tailored specifically for you. You will know your financial manager is handling investments that fit well with your current financial situation, which will help give you peace of mind when it comes to your future.

Traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, cash, and real estate are part of financial management. Alternative asset classes can also be used, including equity investments in private companies or hedge funds and a variety of other investment vehicles.

About Toronto Daegu Assets

Our Asset
Management Process

Our asset management process typically consists of three steps.

First, our client defines their goals for investing. We take the time to fully understand what is required and the current position you find yourself in.

Secondly, we research which type(s) of asset class will most likely help achieve these goals. We are looking for asset classes with the capacity to generate reasonable returns over time while balancing risks. As part of our initial assessment, we will have covered and understood your needs and risk tolerance.

Lastly, our asset managers use this information to develop a suitable asset allocation strategy that is tailored to you and your specific needs. The asset allocation will help determine how much of each asset class should be included in your portfolio, allowing us to blend asset classes together to help achieve your investment objectives.

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