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Portfolio Strategies

Portfolio strategies are important for any financial services company.

By definition, portfolio strategies involve selecting assets that are intended to achieve a particular goal. This might be maximizing profits, minimizing losses, or achieving another specific objective.

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What Are Portfolio
Strategies, And What Do
They Involve?

Your portfolio will be made from a collection of assets with varying levels of risk, all of which are used to meet a specific overall goal.

A portfolio can be diversified with investments across different asset classes. Each of these represents a way to gain exposure to the portfolio's overall goal.

Asset classes are broad categories that provide sufficient diversification between them to minimize portfolio risk. However, different asset classes will serve different purposes within the portfolio strategy. To choose the right assets for your portfolio, we need to choose specific assets - this might be done based on your risk tolerance, investment goals, or other factors.

There are various assets and securities that can be used in a portfolio. The most common type is the stock, representing an ownership stake in a company. Other common types of securities include bonds, options, and futures.

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Each type of security has its own unique risks and rewards. We need to carefully select the right securities for our portfolio so that it meets your specific goals.

How We Create
Your Portfolio Strategy

At Toronto Daegu Assets, our team needs to know which portfolio components are best used for each goal since the portfolio's selection must address each of these goals to be effective.

The portfolio strategy that an individual client will follow differs from portfolio strategies used by other clients. For instance, the portfolio strategies of younger individuals generally differ from those of older individuals, as their goals are often very different.

Each portfolio must be built custom-tailored to the needs and preferences of each client. We ensure this flexibility through portfolio optimization, which allows us to make portfolio strategy changes as necessary.

When portfolio strategy changes are made, we must update the portfolio math model before making those portfolio strategy changes and re-optimizing your portfolio. This ensures that each portfolio optimization meets your specific preferences and goals, even though there may be other possibilities.

This flexibility allows us to build a portfolio strategy that meets the needs of every individual client.

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