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Sustainable Investing

Driving environmental change through sustainable investing.

Sustainable investing is an approach to the financial markets that consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

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It is a way of investing that seeks to avoid companies and projects whose activities might have negative environmental or social impacts and instead invest in those that are sustainable. Sustainable investors also seek to promote good corporate governance, including transparency, accountability, and the fair treatment of employees.

The Benefits of
Sustainable Investing

About Toronto Daegu Assets

At Toronto Daegu Assets, we believe sustainable investing is not just about doing good while investing. Here are some key benefits to sustainable investing:

Reduced risk
of 'stranded assets'

When sustainable investments avoid companies whose activities might have negative environmental or social impacts, they can reduce the risk of "stranded assets" - these are assets that have prematurely experienced devaluation or have even become liabilities.

portfolio risk

A sustainable investment strategy will often avoid some investments that might not perform as well as others. This reduced overall portfolio risk can produce better returns than traditional market portfolios. Additionally, companies with good ESG ratings tend to provide lower-risk investments.

Improved understanding and
awareness of ESG factors

Research shows sustainable investors tend to be more aware and informed of environmental and social issues than those who do not invest in sustainable strategies.

corporate governance

Research studies show sustainable investing plays a role in promoting good corporate governance, including transparency and accountability at all levels.

Sustainable investments can frequently generate a positive social impact too.

Generating Positive
Social Impact

One sustainable investment option is the generation of renewable energy, which can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and result in cleaner air to breathe.

Another example would be forestry initiatives, where sustainable logging practices preserve forested areas while generating strong profits for the companies involved.

Sustainable investing can also encompass sustainable funds, sustainably managed funds, and listed infrastructure.

These investment options may offer investors the opportunity to generate more ethical returns while at the same time producing environmental, social, and governance benefits for society.

Encompassing sustainable funds and listed infrastructure.

Growing Your
Portfolio with
Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is not just a good idea for individual investors; it is also great for businesses and organizations that want to make their impact felt.

Every day, sustainable investors worldwide are pooling their resources to push for environmentally friendly business practices.

Our research team thoroughly understands current sustainable investment opportunities, the risks involved, and the latest market movements.

When you choose us as your sustainable investing partner, you can be sure that your investments will align with your objectives and that we will help you minimize risk while maximizing financial returns.

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